What Does The Deck Say? December 22, 2021

Red Magician Tarot: Ten of Swords, Five of Disks, & King of Cups. ©Jay LeRoy.

Today’s cards: Ten of Swords, Five of Disks, & King of Cups.

Things could have been handled better by all involved, but here we are in the aftermath. And guess what, you’re still here. Good for you. But before you celebrate coming through, there is still a reckoning to complete. Not all benefactors are beneficial, after all. And confronting the truth of the matter will be as painful as lancing a boil and just as necessary.

The RM (Red Magician) Tarot is a limited edition deck created by artist Jay LeRoy. Being that it was originally meant to be the artist’s personal tarot, the artwork is a collage-based, subconsciously-driven interpretation of Hermetic and universal symbolism. The Red Magician Tarot is ©Jay LeRoy.

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