What Does The Deck Say? December 20, 2019

Universal Tarot of Marseille: 5 of Swords, 10 of Swords, & 8 of Swords.

Today’s cards: 5 of Swords, 10 of Swords, & 8 of Swords.

You are so sure that you know the truth of a situation that you have closed up your eyes and ears to the very people who are that situation. Your refusal to consider that there is more to the matter than you are aware of will set you up for your own experiential understanding. When it comes and you find yourself in the midst of the same situation that you denied could even exist, you’ll be on your own for getting out of it. After all, if you didn’t believe anyone before, why would anyone believe you now?

The Universal Tarot of Marseille is primarily based on a Swiss deck created in 1751 by by Claude Burdel. The pips have color backgrounds to assist readers with distinguishing suite and the majors have had the lines refined and color backgrounds added to soften the overall look. The Universal Tarot of Marseille is ©Lo Scarabeo.

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