What Does The Deck Say? December 18, 2019

Red Magician Tarot: Six of Swords, The Fool [0], & Nine of Cups.

Today’s cards: Six of Swords, The Fool [0], & Nine of Cups.

How to be happy: Leave what hurts you. Oh, how simple and easy it is to write those words, and how terrible and heavy it is to walk those words out! But, that’s really the core of it. Today, take a moment to sit down with yourself and look at what is hurting you and why you haven’t walked away from it yet. Inertia has a gravity of its own and change is fucking hard, but if you want to make yourself happy for yourself, change is necessary. Take it at a pace you can sustain.

The Red Magician Tarot is a collage deck created by Jay LeRoy based on Hermetic principles.

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