What Does The Deck Say? August 30 2015

One of many Baraja Española decks, The Baraja Azteca is a 48 card deck of playing cards used for such games as Brisca, Tute, and Mus. This 48-card variant of the deck contains four suits; Oros (Gold), Bastos (Clubs), Espadas (Swords), and Copas (Cups). While the deck is made primarily for play, it functions well as a divinatory tool. Each reader uses their own personal understanding and intuition to interpret the cards.

Today’s cards: 6 Oros, 11 Oros, & 4 Bastos.

Baraja Azteca - As de Oro: 6 Oros, 11 Oros, & 4 Bastos.
Baraja Azteca – As de Oro: 6 Oros, 11 Oros, & 4 Bastos.

The good is you know what you want, where you will find it, and how you can attain it. The bad news is you are discovering you are not as cold-blooded as you thought you were, and the thought of stepping on people’s heads as you make that climb up the ladder is not sitting well with you. I’m not here to judge your choice of social spheres. (They will do that far better than I, anyway.) I’m here to tell you this is a long-term decision you have to make. Once you commit to the ascent, you have to keep going or be stepped on by someone else with a stronger drive. Give it some thought today. Tomorrow it begins.

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