Bosch Tarot: The Star [XVII], Justice [VIII], & Knight of Pentacles.

What Does The Deck Say? August 2, 2019

The Bosch Tarot is a series of collages based on the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch. Using a unique set of meanings that doesn’t always aligns with Waite, it will sometimes read direct, and sometimes read like a koan. It is a good deck for introspection and examination of internal motives. The Bosch Tarot is ¬©Lo Scarabeo.

Today’s cards: The Star [XVII], Justice [VIII], & Knight of Pentacles.

It will feel extra hard going it alone today, even though you have always been capable of accomplishing the thing solo. In the stillness that comes with the absence of lies, listen closely to the truth, even that small and quiet truth. It will be the fire you seek to comfort you as you complete the work.

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