What Does The Deck Say? April 3, 2020

Fey Tarot: 3 of Swords, 9 of Pentacles, & Knight of Wands.

Today’s cards: 3 of Swords, 9 of Pentacles, & Knight of Wands.

Time makes it easier to deal with, but only if you take the time to work on it. Otherwise, that sorrow will remain in the same shape as it seized you and bend you into conformity. Force yourself to move forward. Don’t wait for someone to pull you along. Even if all you do is lift your head today, you will have achieved a great accomplishment.

The Fey Tarot is the work of Mara Aghem. While the card names mostly track conventional tarot naming, the scenes differ from Pamela Coleman Smith’s renditions. Not all minors display the full pip count of their number. Rather, the scenes are meant to evoke the intuition of the reader rather than depend on long li

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