Universal Waite: The Devil [XV], 9 of Swords, & Ace of Swords. ©US Games Systems, Inc.

What Does The Deck Say? April 21, 2021

Today’s cards: The Devil [XV], 9 of Swords, & Ace of Swords.

You cannot undo the bad choices you have made, but you can learn from the consequences that came as a result. It will be hard to dethrone regret as the dominator of your life, but it is worth the effort to work towards doing so. Allow regret to be an advisor instead, reminding you that it is worth the “trouble” to do things the right way for the right reasons.

The Universal Waite is Mary Hanson-Roberts’s recolored rendition of the Waite-Smith deck. Nearly identical lining is softened by gentle coloring. Some faces have been reworked to be more pleasing to the eye. The Universal Waite Tarot is ©US Games Systems, Inc.

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