What Does The Deck Say? April 1, 2020

Wyzard of Odd Tarot: Ten of Swords, Ten of Disks, & 2 of Swords.

Today’s cards: Ten of Swords, Ten of Disks, & 2 of Swords.

Yea, it sucks. It really fucking sucks. But that thing that you have been working for is on the other side of the suck. Hold yourself so you can have something to hold on to. Everything that is not you is about to get stripped away, so don’t hold on to what other people have told you to hold. Hold on to your self, so when you get to where you have been headed, you are able to place all of your self there. Remember that when the suckage gets loud.

Bryan Lahr’s Wyzard of Odd tarot deck is constructed with images of literally smoke and mirrors, and has the margins lined with correspondences from other religious and esoteric practices. The slightly oversize deck is also good for single card contemplation as the images fold onto themselves and the viewer.

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