The Querent’s Responsibility

No matter how clear the reading, nor how precise the symbolism, there is still one process that must be applied to the cards before the reading can be acted upon. The Querent’s intuition and common sense.

While many readings are written in commanding language, or at the very least, firmly suggestive, if the reading directs the Querent to do something against their nature, that could cause harm (bodily, psychologically, or spiritually), or has the potential to leave the Querent in a worse state than if the reading never happened, then it is the Querent’s responsibility to question the reading or even to reject it altogether!

No reader is infallible. No reading is absolutely perfect. But those playing confidence games with their marks will use the Querent’s ignorance and fears to extract an unhealthy level of trust. “I know what I’m doing, or I wouldn’t be here.” “You see only cards, I see all!” “If you didn’t have a problem, why are you asking me for help! Trust me!”

What are the signs that a Querent should look for? Is there anything in the reading that does not make sense to the Querent, or goes against what the Querent already knows with security? When the Querent compares the reading’s assumptions against the situation in question, do the assumptions go against what is already established? If the reading is about a relationship, are the people involved portrayed counter to what the Querent has experienced, even if the query is about deception? Does the reader insist that the Querent is unable to make decisions for themselves and to rely solely on the reader’s words?

How should the Querent question the reader? “What you explained did not make sense, could you reword it?” “I did not understand your portrayal of this person in my life, would you elaborate, please.” “The instructions you saw in the cards go against my personal boundaries, is it symbolic of something else?” In short, question your reader!

Just because you have sought the services of a cartomancer or diviner to find information normally hidden to you, does not remove your responsibility to inspect the information given. Not once do you abdicate control of your life to a deck of cards or the person holding that deck. It is imperative that you compare the information given in the reading against all other sources and judge if the reading is one you should act upon or file under “Entertainment” and mentally discard. If the reading does not pass the “smell test”, don’t abide by it. Get a second opinion, or continue on with your intuition.

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