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7 of Wands

A man armed with a budding staff holds a defensive posture on the top of a crag. He faces the viewer, but his attention is drawn down to the (unseen) assailants brandishing six budding staffs towards him. While it seems he has the advantage by reason of being above his assailants, a sharp drop can be seen by his right foot, bringing into question if he is trapped on the outcrop of a cliff. The sky above him is empty of clouds and birds, leaving him to defend himself alone. Continue reading 7 of Wands

3 of Wands

A man stand facing away from the viewer, so that all we see of him is his cloak and the back of his head. The rich decorations of his cloak, and the thin circlet seen against his dark hair, gives us the impression that this man is a person of some power and ability. He stands on a high ground, overlooking a body of water in the distance. Three tall and budding staffs are planted in the ground around him. The third provides him a support to grip. Three ships can be seen sailing, though it is not clear if they are sailing into harbor or into the open ocean. Continue reading 3 of Wands

Page of Wands

A youth stands with confidence facing the right of the card. Holding the tall budding staff with both hands, he appears to be proclaiming an announcement. His traveling robe is tossed over his shoulder, revealing his tunic which is richly decorated with coiling salamanders. His short brimmed hat is adorned with a feather that appears to be a flame. In the distance, hills or pyramids are seen lording over a desert. Continue reading Page of Wands

2 of Wands

A richly robed man stands on a roof of a fort. He stands facing away from the viewer, towards the card’s left. His left hand holds a short staff firmly against the parapet. On that same block is a cross made from blooms of lilies and roses. His raised right hand holds a globe with the continents of Africa, Europe, and part of Asia visible. A second staff is bolted to the parapet behind him. The sky is cloudless above him, in the distance is a village and the shore of a bay. The entire scene gives a sense of patient waiting. Continue reading 2 of Wands

6 of Wands

A laurel-crowned man in a rich cloak rides a horse-sheet covered prancing horse. Moving to the viewer’s right, his right hand holds a tall budding rod upright which has a laurel wreath tied near the tip. On his left (and mostly obscured to the viewer) are other celebrants. They bear an additional five budding rods upright as well, though not as high as the mounted man’s. The sky above is cloudless, and the look on the horse’s face could be interpreted as a visual statement of snark about the festivities. Continue reading 6 of Wands

10 of Wands

A man carries ten long rods away from the viewer’s point of view. His grasp is ungainly and holds the rods in a fan before him with all the weight off-center, forcing him to lean forward as he walks. Though we can not see his face, it is clear the rods obscure his vision, making an already difficult task dangerous to complete. The wood rods are budding at the top with twigs. In the distance, we can see a small keep that appears to be the destination of the over-burdened man. Trees and fields complete the distant view. Continue reading 10 of Wands

9 of Wands

A tall man with a bandaged head, facing the viewer, stands slightly to the viewer’s right of center in this card. He holds a taller staff against the ground with both hands and is looking off to his right (the viewer’s left) in a wary manner. Behind him, to his left, are three staffs of uneven height. The are upright as if fence posts. To his right are five more staffs of uneven height planted in the same manner. All the staffs are budding with twigs. The sky can be seen between the rods and is cloudless. In the far distance are the silhouettes of mountains. Continue reading 9 of Wands

4 of Wands

Four tall rods stand two on each side of the card. Each is budding at the top. A garland is strung between the outermost rods, which are also the tallest. From the garland hang flowers, large leaves, tendrils of ivy, and bunches of grapes. The garland hangs behind the two inner rods. In the gap between the two groups, in the lower third of the card, are two women crowned with leaves and flowers. They are waving posies as if in celebration. An archway is to the lower right of the card, also bedecked in flowering plants. To the lower left are three people, possibly dancing. A grand keep or walled town is behind them. The scene invokes the gaiety of a festival. Continue reading 4 of Wands

King of Wands

A man is seated on a throne that faces nearly completely to the viewer’s left. The tall back of the throne is adorned with heraldic lions and coiled salamanders. He wears a cap of maintenance under his crown. A lion’s head amulet lies over his fringed cloak which is also adorned with coiled salamanders. His robe covers to his ankles and his feet are shod. His hands are bare. He holds in his right hand an upright budding staff which extends to the floor before the podium. The sky is clear, and to the lower right of the card is the intimation of a hill or distant mountain. Sharing the podium with the man is a small living salamander. Continue reading King of Wands

5 of Wands

Five youths stand on a hard trodden field. They each hold budding poles that are almost too thick to be held in one hand and are so long as to be unsuitable for close combat. Yet they are almost on top of each other in strife, play, or both. The cloudless sky frames them above and the featureless ground holds them below. There is a sense that this is a game that has gotten far out of hand, and there is no play left in the players. Continue reading 5 of Wands