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2 of Wands

A richly robed man stands on a roof of a fort. He stands facing away from the viewer, towards the card’s left. His left hand holds a short staff firmly against the parapet. On that same block is a cross made from blooms of lilies and roses. His raised right hand holds a globe with the continents of Africa, Europe, and part of Asia visible. A second staff is bolted to the parapet behind him. The sky is cloudless above him, in the distance is a village and the shore of a bay. The entire scene gives a sense of patient waiting. Continue reading 2 of Wands

2 of Swords

A woman sits on a stone bench facing the viewer. She is blindfolded and holds two longswords of considerable length with arms crossed over her chest such that the blades extend above and away from her shoulders. The ground is featureless before her, but behind her is a large body of water with disconnected islands and a far shore viewable. Above her and to the viewer’s right hangs a waning crescent moon in the cloudless sky, angled as if it has only been a few hours since rising. Continue reading 2 of Swords

2 of Pentacles

A youth with a tall cap appears to be caught in the act of dancing while holding a large disc in either hand. He is focused on the lowered left hand and the disc it holds while his right hand is holding a disc up to balance the move. He does not appear to notice the two discs are surrounded by the two sections of a lemniscate. (He could also be using the lemniscate at part of his play.) The sky is cloudless but the seas are literally rolling in the far distance. Two ships are seen, one in full sail and intact, another with stripped masts. Continue reading 2 of Pentacles

2 of Cups

Two youths face each other. A young woman on the viewer’s left. A young man on the viewer’s right. They both hold large chalices, though the man is shown with his hand outstretched. The texts say he has just given her the chalice, but the posture could be taken as either giving or taking. She wears a leafy laurel, he wears a flower crown. Between the cups, starting just about his hand, begins the image of a caduceus. A vertical rod rises up, with two snakes spiraling about it in opposite directions for 3 complete turns. The head of the rod is topped by a large lion’s head, with a pair of wings stretching out from it. The youths are shown to be ignorant or indifferent to the visage. In the far low background is a tree topped hill, with what appears to be a house cresting it. Continue reading 2 of Cups