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3 of Wands

A man stand facing away from the viewer, so that all we see of him is his cloak and the back of his head. The rich decorations of his cloak, and the thin circlet seen against his dark hair, gives us the impression that this man is a person of some power and ability. He stands on a high ground, overlooking a body of water in the distance. Three tall and budding staffs are planted in the ground around him. The third provides him a support to grip. Three ships can be seen sailing, though it is not clear if they are sailing into harbor or into the open ocean. Continue reading 3 of Wands

3 of Pentacles

The decorated pillar of a grand edifice stand in the middle of this card and divides the view into two portions. The top of the pillar is engraved with three large upright pentacles with a crossed circle joining them in the middle. Below the three pentacles is a crossed circle appearing as a leafed rose. To the viewer’s left is the craftsman responsible. He stands on a work bench with his back to the viewer but his work apron is seen clearly. In his left hand is a chisel applied to the wall. In his right is the mallet required to use it. He is turned away from the wall and is facing the two men on the other side of the pillar. The two men, one with a monk’s tonsure and habit, the other full cloaked and hooded, are discussing the plans of the edifice with the craftsman. The cloaked man hold the plans clearly before him, as if to question a detail. Continue reading 3 of Pentacles

3 of Cups

Three women hold a gay meeting in this card. They face each other so that two faces are visible and the third faces away from the viewer. They lift large chalices into the air over each other as if to cheer the occasion. Two of them have flowers in their hair. One is carries a bunch of grapes in her other hand. The sky is cloudless behind them. On the ground at their feet are fruiting plants and vines. There is an overall sense of gaiety. Continue reading 3 of Cups