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10 of Swords

A man lies prone on the ground, facing away from the viewer with his head to the right of the card. His right arm is twisted in the foreground. Ten swords have been planted in his body, following his spine from head to buttocks. Under his head, a small pool of blood is inferred. Beyond him is a great body of water. A distant shore is merely a thin line across the card, and the mountains beyond are shadows of themselves. The sky is dark as if from heavy cloud or the onset of night. Continue reading 10 of Swords

10 of Pentacles

A busy and cluttered scene from inside a building within a walled keep or village. A large archway to the street is partially visible, with banners and the edge of a large tapestry along the left side of the card. In the archway, two people talk. One facing away from the viewer, holding a staff. The conversant is a woman, facing the first but viewable. She holds a child close to her side. But that child’s attention, and hand, is on one of the two hounds in the card’s foreground. The hounds, one standing, one sitting, are at the attention of a seated elderly man who is adorned in a very elaborate and rich cloak. Over this scene are ten large pentacles, arranged in a Tree of Life formation, and obscuring the warm village scene. Continue reading 10 of Pentacles

10 of Wands

A man carries ten long rods away from the viewer’s point of view. His grasp is ungainly and holds the rods in a fan before him with all the weight off-center, forcing him to lean forward as he walks. Though we can not see his face, it is clear the rods obscure his vision, making an already difficult task dangerous to complete. The wood rods are budding at the top with twigs. In the distance, we can see a small keep that appears to be the destination of the over-burdened man. Trees and fields complete the distant view. Continue reading 10 of Wands

10 of Cups

The top half of the card is dominated by a curving rainbow across a cloudless sky. The line art gives the imitation of shimmering brilliance. Ten large chalices are nestled snugly in the rainbow, turned to follow the curve of the arc. In the bottom half of the card, a man and woman stand with their back to the viewer. He stands to the left of her, and has his right arm swept behind her back. They look up at the apparition with wonder and have their outside arms raised up. Beside them, two children have clasped each others hands and are playing happily. In the distance can be seen a low hill, a meandering river, trees, and a house. Continue reading 10 of Cups