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7 of Swords

A man is clearly sneaking away from a distant encampment, traveling towards the viewer’s left. He carries five long swords against his shoulders by the blades and looks smugly over his left shoulder at the gaily adorned tents in the right of the card. Two more swords are planted in the ground behind him. Three men can barely be seen in silhouette in the left of the card. Presumably, they are ignorant of the thief’s heist and exaggerated getaway. Continue reading 7 of Swords

5 of Swords

On a windswept plaza three men have been dueling. The winner stands with his body facing the viewer, but he is looking over his right shoulder at the two losers in this contest. He holds two longswords over his left shoulder and is in the process of picking up a third off the ground. Two other swords lay on the ground by his feet. His demeanor is smug and belittling. One of the other men is walking away from the contest with his robe slung over his shoulder. Further in the distance, the second man is facing the sea with his face in his hands. His body posture implies he is sobbing bitterly. The waters are choppy as if windblown, an implication shared by the streaks of clouds in the sky. Continue reading 5 of Swords

King of Swords

A crowned man facing the viewer directly sits on a nearly completely obscured throne that is set outside. Butterflies are carved into the back of the throne, but most of it is hidden by the seated king. He wears a cap of maintenance under his crown, and is swallowed up by his plain robes. He holds a long sword upright in his right hand, but it is not held true vertical. His left hand is bare but for one small ring. Behind the throne, in the distance, are two birds in flight and puffy clouds. Tall trees are also see, and there is a sense of a blustery day from them. Continue reading King of Swords

10 of Swords

A man lies prone on the ground, facing away from the viewer with his head to the right of the card. His right arm is twisted in the foreground. Ten swords have been planted in his body, following his spine from head to buttocks. Under his head, a small pool of blood is inferred. Beyond him is a great body of water. A distant shore is merely a thin line across the card, and the mountains beyond are shadows of themselves. The sky is dark as if from heavy cloud or the onset of night. Continue reading 10 of Swords

Knight of Swords

A knight in full armor urges his steed forward as they both proceed from right to left across the card. His raised visor reveals a determined countenance and his right arm holds a sword high. The crest of his helm is blown back from the speed, as is the cloak and tabard over his armor. His horse moves with determination under him, with both front legs stretched out in preparation for the landing of the jump captured by the card’s image. The bridle is decorated with birds in flight, and the colors show butterflies. Two tall trees are leaning as if blown by a stiff wind, and the clouds overhead are streaked with unsettled weather. Far above the knight are birds in tumultuous flight. Continue reading Knight of Swords

2 of Swords

A woman sits on a stone bench facing the viewer. She is blindfolded and holds two longswords of considerable length with arms crossed over her chest such that the blades extend above and away from her shoulders. The ground is featureless before her, but behind her is a large body of water with disconnected islands and a far shore viewable. Above her and to the viewer’s right hangs a waning crescent moon in the cloudless sky, angled as if it has only been a few hours since rising. Continue reading 2 of Swords

Ace of Swords

A short pillar of clouds hold against the viewer’s left of this card. From them a brilliant right hand has emerged, bearing a┬ádouble-edged short sword with a hilt upright. An open crown floats around the tip of the sword, and draped over it are two wreathes, one of laurel and the other of olive. Six motes of light hover over the hilt. The sky is otherwise cloudless, and in the far distance at the bottom of the card are mountains and hills. Continue reading Ace of Swords

9 of Swords

A person sits up in their bed in the middle of the night and covers their face with both hands in a sign of deep distress. The quilted blanket, covered with rose squares and embroidered astrological symbols is slightly gathered at the figures waist but is otherwise undisturbed. The revealed frame of the bed depicts a wood carving of two dueling figures, with one about to strike the fatal blow upon the other in a wooded scene. Above the weeping figure are nine long swords mounted horizontally but stacked one over the other as to completely fill the scene. Continue reading 9 of Swords

6 of Swords

The expanse of a wide river covers most of this card. A boat barely larger than a skiff is navigating across it. The driver of the boat is standing and using a long pole to push his way across the calm waters. His back is to the viewer. Sitting before him are a covered woman and child, huddled together. Before them are the boat’s cargo, six longswords that surround the woman’s field of view. Despite being arranged hilt up, they do not appear to pierce the boat’s hull. In the far distance is the shore, some hills and scattered bunches of trees. Continue reading 6 of Swords