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6 of Cups

In a European village setting, two young children stand among flowers. Both are bundled up against the cold, though the younger girl wears mittens while the boy does not. He is offering a chalice nearly half his size to the girl. She looks up at him in warmth. The chalice he holds, the chalice sitting on the low wall behind him, and the four chalices framing the bottom of the card all have flowering plants potted in them. On the corner of the low wall is engraved a shield with a plain “X” crossing the field. A home with windowed attic and a two-story tower stand in the background under the cloudless sky. Along the cobblestone path of the low wall, a man is seen receding in to the distance bearing a spear. Continue reading 6 of Cups

6 of Wands

A laurel-crowned man in a rich cloak rides a horse-sheet covered prancing horse. Moving to the viewer’s right, his right hand holds a tall budding rod upright which has a laurel wreath tied near the tip. On his left (and mostly obscured to the viewer) are other celebrants. They bear an additional five budding rods upright as well, though not as high as the mounted man’s. The sky above is cloudless, and the look on the horse’s face could be interpreted as a visual statement of snark about the festivities. Continue reading 6 of Wands

6 of Pentacles

A rich man, dressed in extravagant fabrics, stands with a scale held in his upraised left hand. He faces mostly towards the viewer, but is turned somewhat to the viewer’s left. There at his feet is a beggar in a patched cloak and wearing a cap on his knees. He is holding his hands out to catch the coins given by the rich man. Kneeling under the scales, on the rich man’s left (viewer’s right) is another beggar. This capless beggar is holding his hand out in supplication, but it is not clear if he will receive anything. In the low distance are trees and the towers of a keep. Above the scene are six large pentacles. Continue reading 6 of Pentacles

6 of Swords

The expanse of a wide river covers most of this card. A boat barely larger than a skiff is navigating across it. The driver of the boat is standing and using a long pole to push his way across the calm waters. His back is to the viewer. Sitting before him are a covered woman and child, huddled together. Before them are the boat’s cargo, six longswords that surround the woman’s field of view. Despite being arranged hilt up, they do not appear to pierce the boat’s hull. In the far distance is the shore, some hills and scattered bunches of trees. Continue reading 6 of Swords