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7 of Swords

A man is clearly sneaking away from a distant encampment, traveling towards the viewer’s left. He carries five long swords against his shoulders by the blades and looks smugly over his left shoulder at the gaily adorned tents in the right of the card. Two more swords are planted in the ground behind him. Three men can barely be seen in silhouette in the left of the card. Presumably, they are ignorant of the thief’s heist and exaggerated getaway. Continue reading 7 of Swords

7 of Wands

A man armed with a budding staff holds a defensive posture on the top of a crag. He faces the viewer, but his attention is drawn down to the (unseen) assailants brandishing six budding staffs towards him. While it seems he has the advantage by reason of being above his assailants, a sharp drop can be seen by his right foot, bringing into question if he is trapped on the outcrop of a cliff. The sky above him is empty of clouds and birds, leaving him to defend himself alone. Continue reading 7 of Wands

7 of Cups

A man stands in surprise and wonder, completely silhouetted by the apparition appearing before him (and the viewer). A great cloud of smoke or fog has obscured his path. Upon the cloud, in two tiers, are seven large chalices with smaller figures appearing from them. From the top tier of chalices appears the image of a youth’s face, a veiled maiden all aglow, and a snake that stares back at the man. From the bottom tier of chalices appears the image of a tall tower upon a crag, fine jewels and gold chains, a wreath that crowns the chalice (though a skull’s face is seen in that same chalice), and lastly a dragon that perches on the cup’s rim as if to assault the man watching the apparition. Continue reading 7 of Cups

7 of Pentacles

A man assumed to be the farmer of the field he stands in is holding his hoe with the spade against the ground. Standing wide-footed, he lays both hands on the upright end and looks over them at a tall bush to the viewer’s left. Six large pentacles are placed on the vined and broadleaved bush, as if they are the fruit produced by this plant. A seventh pentacle lays on the ground between his feet, as if an errant fruit from a running vine. No clouds mar the sky behind him, and the peaks of hills or low mountains can be seen far in the distance at his feet.
Continue reading 7 of Pentacles