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Queen of Pentacles

A crowned woman sits on an elaborately carved throne. The throne is facing towards the viewer’s left, and she is seated askew in the seat so that she faces even further to the viewer’s left. Her garments are of rich fabric but not adorned or patterned. She looks down to her lap, where she holds a great pentacle facing the viewer. Trees and branches frame the upper half of the card, with roses blooming along the leafy boughs. More foliage surrounds the throne and can be seen far into the background. A rabbit runs into the field of view at the bottom right of the card. Continue reading Queen of Pentacles

Queen of Cups

A crowned and robed woman sits on a throne carved from stone that has been placed on a bed of stones and pebbles. The throne faces towards the viewer’s left and she is seated the same. The throne is accented with merchildren, fish, and scallops. She holds in her right hand a very elaborate capped chalice that resembles the roof and spire of a church and is flanked by two winged and praying angels. Her left hand is steadying the unwieldy chalice as she studies it intently. At her feet are the gentle waves of still waters as the throne is placed on the shore. In the distance, water can be seen behind the throne, and beyond the waters are tall vertical white cliffs topped with green grasses. Continue reading Queen of Cups

Queen of Swords

A crowned woman sits on a throne bearing an upright sword in her right hand and raising her left hand in gesture. Both woman and throne face the viewer’s right. Her robe is simple and her cloak is decorated with clouds. The side profile of the throne is decorated with carvings of butterflies and a cherub’s face and wings. Behind her in the distance, puffy clouds are accumulating low on the horizon. Above her head a single bird soars. Tall windblown trees can be seen, with a river moving at their base. Continue reading Queen of Swords

Queen of Wands

A woman sits on a throne facing the viewer. She wears a long robe that drapes loosely over her and covers her feet. A cape rests across her shoulders and upper arms. Her crown rests on her hair as she looks off to her left (the viewer’s right). She holds a large sunflower upright in her left hand, and a tall budding wood rod in her right. Her throne is decorated with heraldic lions and sunflowers. The sides of the throne bear carved lions as well. Behind the throne is a clear sky with mountains and hills low in the background. At the foot of the raised throne sits a housecat that stares at the viewer. Continue reading Queen of Wands