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King of Pentacles

A king sits confidently on his throne set in a garden in his estate. He sits facing the viewer but is not looking forward. Instead his attention is directed towards the large pentacle his left hand is holding upon his left knee. Under his broad crown is a cap of maintenance. His right hand holds a short scepter topped with a large golden sphere. His robes are richly embroidered with a motive of grapevines, leaves, and fruit. So much so, that it appears he is lost in it! He is wearing armor under the extravagant covering, as seen by his left leg being propped upon a block carved to resemble the head of some beast. Foliage surrounds the throne and is overtaking the ramparts behind the throne. The motive of horned bull head and ripe grapes are carved into the armrests of the throne as well as the frame of the seat. The foliage obscures the distance on the left side of the card, but on the right side are visible the towers and parapets of a keep. Continue reading King of Pentacles

5 of Pentacles

Snow falls heavily outside of cathedral. Lit from within, the stained glass window shown in the upper half of the card is seen clearly. An ornamentation displays five pentacles and is accented with flowers and alternating colors. The luxury of the view is lost on two beggars struggling through the ankle-deep snow. A woman shuffles past the window in torn clothing and without shoes. She holds her rags as tight as she can against the snowfall. Behind her a man struggles with crutches and rag-bound feet. He is seen glancing up at the window but his opinion is not readily seen on his face. A bell hanging from his neck announces he is a leper to all that hear. The pair are excluded from the warmth within the edifice. Continue reading 5 of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles

A crowned woman sits on an elaborately carved throne. The throne is facing towards the viewer’s left, and she is seated askew in the seat so that she faces even further to the viewer’s left. Her garments are of rich fabric but not adorned or patterned. She looks down to her lap, where she holds a great pentacle facing the viewer. Trees and branches frame the upper half of the card, with roses blooming along the leafy boughs. More foliage surrounds the throne and can be seen far into the background. A rabbit runs into the field of view at the bottom right of the card. Continue reading Queen of Pentacles

9 of Pentacles

A woman adorned in fine robes stands in a luscious garden. She wears a falconer’s glove on her left hand to protect her hand from the hooded bird of prey¬†perched upon it. The hedge behind her is overrun with grape vines with full fruit. She rests her right hand on the top of six stacked pentacles. Three more hang from the grape vines behind her. In the distance are tall trees and the edge of a keep. Indistinct mountains determine the horizon. On the ground before her, a solitary snail presents itself. Continue reading 9 of Pentacles

6 of Pentacles

A rich man, dressed in extravagant fabrics, stands with a scale held in his upraised left hand. He faces mostly towards the viewer, but is turned somewhat to the viewer’s left. There at his feet is a beggar in a patched cloak and wearing a cap on his knees. He is holding his hands out to catch the coins given by the rich man. Kneeling under the scales, on the rich man’s left (viewer’s right) is another beggar. This capless beggar is holding his hand out in supplication, but it is not clear if he will receive anything. In the low distance are trees and the towers of a keep. Above the scene are six large pentacles. Continue reading 6 of Pentacles

10 of Pentacles

A busy and cluttered scene from inside a building within a walled keep or village. A large archway to the street is partially visible, with banners and the edge of a large tapestry along the left side of the card. In the archway, two people talk. One facing away from the viewer, holding a staff. The conversant is a woman, facing the first but viewable. She holds a child close to her side. But that child’s attention, and hand, is on one of the two hounds in the card’s foreground. The hounds, one standing, one sitting, are at the attention of a seated elderly man who is adorned in a very elaborate and rich cloak. Over this scene are ten large pentacles, arranged in a Tree of Life formation, and obscuring the warm village scene. Continue reading 10 of Pentacles

8 of Pentacles

A young man wearing a crafting apron straddles a low bench. A disk is propped up against a working block, held in place by the chisel in his left hand. His right hand holds a small crafting hammer upright, and he seems to be in the moment before bringing it down against the chisel. A five-pointed star has already been formed on the work in progress. On the ground under him is a completed pentagram. Leaning on the bench before him, facing the viewer, is yet another. Mounted on the wall rising up the side of the card are five more pentagrams, bring the total depicted to eight. He is working outdoors under a cloudless sky. In the far distance is seen a keep and a path leading up the hill into it. Continue reading 8 of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles

A short pillar of clouds float on the left side of this card. From that pillar, a brilliant hand emerges towards the right, filling the interior of the space. It is cupped and holds a pentacle comfortably upright. At the bottom of the card is a garden scene with lilies in bloom on a grassy field. A path is worn through that field to a fence that is completely overgrown with vegetation and blooming flowers. The path is met at an unobstructed arch (also overgrown), through which two peaks of very distant mountains can be seen. Continue reading Ace of Pentacles

4 of Pentacles

A man bearing a short squat crown sits hunched on a block of stone facing the viewer directly. The richness of his fur cloak and robes gives the impression he is a wealthy man of some power. His arms encircle a large pentagram and holds it close to his bosom. His posture implies if he could envelop the pentagram with the entirety of his body, he would. However, under each foot is a large pentagram and he is pressing his feet against them securely. Mounted on his crown is a fourth pentagram. He is visibly held by that which he would hold tightly. Behind him, in the near distance, are the multitudes of buildings and towers that can be found in a thriving Medieval city. He alone is in the foreground, further giving the intimation that what he holds separates him from daily life. Continue reading 4 of Pentacles

2 of Pentacles

A youth with a tall cap appears to be caught in the act of dancing while holding a large disc in either hand. He is focused on the lowered left hand and the disc it holds while his right hand is holding a disc up to balance the move. He does not appear to notice the two discs are surrounded by the two sections of a lemniscate. (He could also be using the lemniscate at part of his play.) The sky is cloudless but the seas are literally rolling in the far distance. Two ships are seen, one in full sail and intact, another with stripped masts. Continue reading 2 of Pentacles