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Page of Wands

A youth stands with confidence facing the right of the card. Holding the tall budding staff with both hands, he appears to be proclaiming an announcement. His traveling robe is tossed over his shoulder, revealing his tunic which is richly decorated with coiling salamanders. His short brimmed hat is adorned with a feather that appears to be a flame. In the distance, hills or pyramids are seen lording over a desert. Continue reading Page of Wands

Page of Cups

A youth stands near a body of water under a cloudless sky. Waves are seen rolling behind him. He is in fanciful attire as if the squire or herald of some medieval lord with long-stemmed lotus flowers being the pattern on his clothes. His left hand is on his left hip as he holds a large chalice upright in his right hand. His richly adorned head is cocked towards the chalice, and his stance is one of challenging disbelief, for good reason. There is a fish emerging from the chalice as if it would talk to the youth. Continue reading Page of Cups

Page of Pentacles

A young man dominates the view of this card. He stands in a thoughtful pose, facing to the viewer’s right, holding his right leg as if the thought struck him as he was walking and now he has stopped. His hat appears like a turban, with a long length of cloth descending from it, crossing his chest, and falling over his right shoulder. Otherwise, his clothes are nondescript. He holds a large pentacle to his face as if to see desired answers upon its surface. In the near distance of the low background are a stand of trees on a hill, and a plowed field ready for planting at the base of it. In the far distance is a river, and a mountain beyond that. The sky is cloudless. Continue reading Page of Pentacles

Page of Swords

A young man stands on small rise of land. He appears to have been turning sharply to look behind him, which is the viewer’s left. He holds a two-handed sword before his torso which is still facing the viewer’s right. Bound hair reveals a sharp face. His right foot is tipped to follow the turning motion. Behind him, puffy clouds dominate the sky and give the impression of a passing distant storm. Birds fly high above him. Far in the distance, trees appear dominated by wind. Continue reading Page of Swords