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King of Pentacles

A king sits confidently on his throne set in a garden in his estate. He sits facing the viewer but is not looking forward. Instead his attention is directed towards the large pentacle his left hand is holding upon his left knee. Under his broad crown is a cap of maintenance. His right hand holds a short scepter topped with a large golden sphere. His robes are richly embroidered with a motive of grapevines, leaves, and fruit. So much so, that it appears he is lost in it! He is wearing armor under the extravagant covering, as seen by his left leg being propped upon a block carved to resemble the head of some beast. Foliage surrounds the throne and is overtaking the ramparts behind the throne. The motive of horned bull head and ripe grapes are carved into the armrests of the throne as well as the frame of the seat. The foliage obscures the distance on the left side of the card, but on the right side are visible the towers and parapets of a keep. Continue reading King of Pentacles

Ace of Cups

Over a calm body of water a great and brilliant right hand emerges from a short pillar of clouds in the right of this card. Held steady in the palm is a round chalice decorated with tiny adornments around the top of the stem. An ethereal dove descends from above, bearing a small disc inscribed with an equal armed cross and seeking to add this disc to the bowl of the chalice. Five streams of water emerge from the bowl of the chalice, two on one side, three on the other, flowing up then turning above the chalice rim to descend straight down to the body of water below. Drops of water surround the flow, but the water-lilies below are undisturbed. Continue reading Ace of Cups

7 of Swords

A man is clearly sneaking away from a distant encampment, traveling towards the viewer’s left. He carries five long swords against his shoulders by the blades and looks smugly over his left shoulder at the gaily adorned tents in the right of the card. Two more swords are planted in the ground behind him. Three men can barely be seen in silhouette in the left of the card. Presumably, they are ignorant of the thief’s heist and exaggerated getaway. Continue reading 7 of Swords

6 of Cups

In a European village setting, two young children stand among flowers. Both are bundled up against the cold, though the younger girl wears mittens while the boy does not. He is offering a chalice nearly half his size to the girl. She looks up at him in warmth. The chalice he holds, the chalice sitting on the low wall behind him, and the four chalices framing the bottom of the card all have flowering plants potted in them. On the corner of the low wall is engraved a shield with a plain “X” crossing the field. A home with windowed attic and a two-story tower stand in the background under the cloudless sky. Along the cobblestone path of the low wall, a man is seen receding in to the distance bearing a spear. Continue reading 6 of Cups

5 of Pentacles

Snow falls heavily outside of cathedral. Lit from within, the stained glass window shown in the upper half of the card is seen clearly. An ornamentation displays five pentacles and is accented with flowers and alternating colors. The luxury of the view is lost on two beggars struggling through the ankle-deep snow. A woman shuffles past the window in torn clothing and without shoes. She holds her rags as tight as she can against the snowfall. Behind her a man struggles with crutches and rag-bound feet. He is seen glancing up at the window but his opinion is not readily seen on his face. A bell hanging from his neck announces he is a leper to all that hear. The pair are excluded from the warmth within the edifice. Continue reading 5 of Pentacles

5 of Swords

On a windswept plaza three men have been dueling. The winner stands with his body facing the viewer, but he is looking over his right shoulder at the two losers in this contest. He holds two longswords over his left shoulder and is in the process of picking up a third off the ground. Two other swords lay on the ground by his feet. His demeanor is smug and belittling. One of the other men is walking away from the contest with his robe slung over his shoulder. Further in the distance, the second man is facing the sea with his face in his hands. His body posture implies he is sobbing bitterly. The waters are choppy as if windblown, an implication shared by the streaks of clouds in the sky. Continue reading 5 of Swords

Queen of Pentacles

A crowned woman sits on an elaborately carved throne. The throne is facing towards the viewer’s left, and she is seated askew in the seat so that she faces even further to the viewer’s left. Her garments are of rich fabric but not adorned or patterned. She looks down to her lap, where she holds a great pentacle facing the viewer. Trees and branches frame the upper half of the card, with roses blooming along the leafy boughs. More foliage surrounds the throne and can be seen far into the background. A rabbit runs into the field of view at the bottom right of the card. Continue reading Queen of Pentacles

7 of Wands

A man armed with a budding staff holds a defensive posture on the top of a crag. He faces the viewer, but his attention is drawn down to the (unseen) assailants brandishing six budding staffs towards him. While it seems he has the advantage by reason of being above his assailants, a sharp drop can be seen by his right foot, bringing into question if he is trapped on the outcrop of a cliff. The sky above him is empty of clouds and birds, leaving him to defend himself alone. Continue reading 7 of Wands

King of Swords

A crowned man facing the viewer directly sits on a nearly completely obscured throne that is set outside. Butterflies are carved into the back of the throne, but most of it is hidden by the seated king. He wears a cap of maintenance under his crown, and is swallowed up by his plain robes. He holds a long sword upright in his right hand, but it is not held true vertical. His left hand is bare but for one small ring. Behind the throne, in the distance, are two birds in flight and puffy clouds. Tall trees are also see, and there is a sense of a blustery day from them. Continue reading King of Swords

7 of Cups

A man stands in surprise and wonder, completely silhouetted by the apparition appearing before him (and the viewer). A great cloud of smoke or fog has obscured his path. Upon the cloud, in two tiers, are seven large chalices with smaller figures appearing from them. From the top tier of chalices appears the image of a youth’s face, a veiled maiden all aglow, and a snake that stares back at the man. From the bottom tier of chalices appears the image of a tall tower upon a crag, fine jewels and gold chains, a wreath that crowns the chalice (though a skull’s face is seen in that same chalice), and lastly a dragon that perches on the cup’s rim as if to assault the man watching the apparition. Continue reading 7 of Cups