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Knight of Swords

A knight in full armor urges his steed forward as they both proceed from right to left across the card. His raised visor reveals a determined countenance and his right arm holds a sword high. The crest of his helm is blown back from the speed, as is the cloak and tabard over his armor. His horse moves with determination under him, with both front legs stretched out in preparation for the landing of the jump captured by the card’s image. The bridle is decorated with birds in flight, and the colors show butterflies. Two tall trees are leaning as if blown by a stiff wind, and the clouds overhead are streaked with unsettled weather. Far above the knight are birds in tumultuous flight. Continue reading Knight of Swords

Knight of Pentacles

A mounted knight covered by a surcoat sits on a stationary horse. The helmet is crested with vegetation. The visor is raised, revealing a stern face. He holds a large pentacle in his right hand with a formal raise. The horse’s reins are in his left hand, gripped securely and just enough to remove slack. The theme of his surcoat is difficult to distinguish. The heavy-set horse is tied with the harness of a draft horse, but is not connected to any gear. On its head is a decoration of green leaves. The sky is cloudless and in the low view of the near distance is a gentle hill recently tilled and prepared for farming. Continue reading Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Cups

A knight in full armor and a richly decorated surcoat sits mounted on a horse traveling to the viewer’s right. His helmet is crested with a pair of wings, and the visor is raised to expose his face. His surcoat is decorated with fish and waves that represent water. His left hand holds the horse’s reins close to his body though the reins are slack. He holds upright in his right hand with formal bearing, a large chalice. The feet of his armor has small wings attached at the heel. The reins are decorated with a wavy pattern that emulates water. The horse is caught in mid step, looking down to where it would place its hoof next. But the hoof is upraised as if the horse is not sure of the foothold. In the distance are mountains, at the base of which flows a river from background to foreground. There are trees on the far side of the river, but the near ground gives the impression of a sandy or drought stricken plain. Continue reading Knight of Cups

Knight of Wands

An armored knight covered by the tattered colors of his realm sits astride a rearing horse. The horse and rider are fixated on an item out of the card’s field of view towards the viewer’s left. He holds the horse’s reins in his left hand, and an upright wood rod in his right hand. The rod is budding with small leaved twigs. The visor is up, showing his face. The crest of his helm, the edges of his colors, and the horse’s mane imply they are descending from the height of the horse’s rearing. The colors are decorated with coiled salamanders. The reins bear fleurs-di-lis. A cloudless sky is mostly hidden by the figures, while in the low background is seen a featureless desert with 3 pyramids rising from it. Continue reading Knight of Wands