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King of Pentacles

A king sits confidently on his throne set in a garden in his estate. He sits facing the viewer but is not looking forward. Instead his attention is directed towards the large pentacle his left hand is holding upon his left knee. Under his broad crown is a cap of maintenance. His right hand holds a short scepter topped with a large golden sphere. His robes are richly embroidered with a motive of grapevines, leaves, and fruit. So much so, that it appears he is lost in it! He is wearing armor under the extravagant covering, as seen by his left leg being propped upon a block carved to resemble the head of some beast. Foliage surrounds the throne and is overtaking the ramparts behind the throne. The motive of horned bull head and ripe grapes are carved into the armrests of the throne as well as the frame of the seat. The foliage obscures the distance on the left side of the card, but on the right side are visible the towers and parapets of a keep. Continue reading King of Pentacles

King of Swords

A crowned man facing the viewer directly sits on a nearly completely obscured throne that is set outside. Butterflies are carved into the back of the throne, but most of it is hidden by the seated king. He wears a cap of maintenance under his crown, and is swallowed up by his plain robes. He holds a long sword upright in his right hand, but it is not held true vertical. His left hand is bare but for one small ring. Behind the throne, in the distance, are two birds in flight and puffy clouds. Tall trees are also see, and there is a sense of a blustery day from them. Continue reading King of Swords

King of Cups

A seated king and his throne dominates this card. The throne is squarely facing the viewer but the man has turned himself and his attention slightly to the viewer’s right. He wears a cap of maintenance under his adorned crown. An amulet in the shape of a fish hangs from his neck and lies over an rich cloak that spills over the left side of the throne. In his left hand is a short scepter. In his right hand is a large formal chalice. Water flows around the dais emphasizing the nature of the suit. Behind the throne, on the viewer’s left is a dolphin. (Really, it’s a dolphin.) Behind on the viewer’s right is a ship with full sails. The sky above is cloudless. Continue reading King of Cups

King of Wands

A man is seated on a throne that faces nearly completely to the viewer’s left. The tall back of the throne is adorned with heraldic lions and coiled salamanders. He wears a cap of maintenance under his crown. A lion’s head amulet lies over his fringed cloak which is also adorned with coiled salamanders. His robe covers to his ankles and his feet are shod. His hands are bare. He holds in his right hand an upright budding staff which extends to the floor before the podium. The sky is clear, and to the lower right of the card is the intimation of a hill or distant mountain. Sharing the podium with the man is a small living salamander. Continue reading King of Wands