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4 of Pentacles

A man bearing a short squat crown sits hunched on a block of stone facing the viewer directly. The richness of his fur cloak and robes gives the impression he is a wealthy man of some power. His arms encircle a large pentagram and holds it close to his bosom. His posture implies if he could envelop the pentagram with the entirety of his body, he would. However, under each foot is a large pentagram and he is pressing his feet against them securely. Mounted on his crown is a fourth pentagram. He is visibly held by that which he would hold tightly. Behind him, in the near distance, are the multitudes of buildings and towers that can be found in a thriving Medieval city. He alone is in the foreground, further giving the intimation that what he holds separates him from daily life. Continue reading 4 of Pentacles

4 of Cups

A tall tree with draping branches stands on a mound. At the base of the tree, a young man sits with arms and legs crossed before him, facing the viewer. He looks slightly downhill where three large chalices are lined up at the bottom of the card. At his right a cloud hovers, from which a hand emerges offering the youth a fourth cup. The youth is not amused. In the near distance under the cloudless sky are a clump of trees and the peak of a roof. Mountains are seen from afar. Continue reading 4 of Cups

4 of Wands

Four tall rods stand two on each side of the card. Each is budding at the top. A garland is strung between the outermost rods, which are also the tallest. From the garland hang flowers, large leaves, tendrils of ivy, and bunches of grapes. The garland hangs behind the two inner rods. In the gap between the two groups, in the lower third of the card, are two women crowned with leaves and flowers. They are waving posies as if in celebration. An archway is to the lower right of the card, also bedecked in flowering plants. To the lower left are three people, possibly dancing. A grand keep or walled town is behind them. The scene invokes the gaiety of a festival. Continue reading 4 of Wands