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5 of Pentacles

Snow falls heavily outside of cathedral. Lit from within, the stained glass window shown in the upper half of the card is seen clearly. An ornamentation displays five pentacles and is accented with flowers and alternating colors. The luxury of the view is lost on two beggars struggling through the ankle-deep snow. A woman shuffles past the window in torn clothing and without shoes. She holds her rags as tight as she can against the snowfall. Behind her a man struggles with crutches and rag-bound feet. He is seen glancing up at the window but his opinion is not readily seen on his face. A bell hanging from his neck announces he is a leper to all that hear. The pair are excluded from the warmth within the edifice. Continue reading 5 of Pentacles

5 of Swords

On a windswept plaza three men have been dueling. The winner stands with his body facing the viewer, but he is looking over his right shoulder at the two losers in this contest. He holds two longswords over his left shoulder and is in the process of picking up a third off the ground. Two other swords lay on the ground by his feet. His demeanor is smug and belittling. One of the other men is walking away from the contest with his robe slung over his shoulder. Further in the distance, the second man is facing the sea with his face in his hands. His body posture implies he is sobbing bitterly. The waters are choppy as if windblown, an implication shared by the streaks of clouds in the sky. Continue reading 5 of Swords

5 of Wands

Five youths stand on a hard trodden field. They each hold budding poles that are almost too thick to be held in one hand and are so long as to be unsuitable for close combat. Yet they are almost on top of each other in strife, play, or both. The cloudless sky frames them above and the featureless ground holds them below. There is a sense that this is a game that has gotten far out of hand, and there is no play left in the players. Continue reading 5 of Wands

5 of Cups

A lone figure faces away and to the left of the viewer. A heavy cloak obscures most of him, leaving only his books, hair, and a portion of his face visible. He is hunched over in a morose stance. On the ground before him are three large chalices. They are lying on the ground and their contents have spilled out into puddles around them. Behind the figure, on the viewer’s right, are two large upright chalices. The ground around them is unmarred giving the suggestion they still hold their contents. In the background, a river runs straight and flows under a bridge in the right distance. On the other side of the river to the left, there is a keep and some trees. The sky is clear, leaving nothing to distract the viewer from the dominating figure. Continue reading 5 of Cups