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8 of Pentacles

A young man wearing a crafting apron straddles a low bench. A disk is propped up against a working block, held in place by the chisel in his left hand. His right hand holds a small crafting hammer upright, and he seems to be in the moment before bringing it down against the chisel. A five-pointed star has already been formed on the work in progress. On the ground under him is a completed pentagram. Leaning on the bench before him, facing the viewer, is yet another. Mounted on the wall rising up the side of the card are five more pentagrams, bring the total depicted to eight. He is working outdoors under a cloudless sky. In the far distance is seen a keep and a path leading up the hill into it. Continue reading 8 of Pentacles

8 of Swords

A woman, facing the viewer, stands on soggy ground with her head tilted down. Puddles are here and there under her feet and around her. She is blindfolded and bound with either several lengths of cloth or one long cloth wrapped several times around her. Her hands are presumed to be bound behind her back. To the viewer’s left are three longswords planted hilt up in the ground beside the figure. To the viewer’s right are five more longswords planted the same way. Between those five can be seen a hill and keep in the distance. The sky is featureless. Continue reading 8 of Swords

8 of Cups

A stylized waning crescent moon watches from a cloudless night sky. The angle of the crescent indicates the moon is near the zenith of its travel. In the foreground, five great chalices are placed side by side, with three more chalices stacked across them. There is a gap in the second level of chalices, allowing the viewer to see the feet of the solitary figure that has crossed the stream behind the chalices and is making his way up a hill. The figure wears a cloak and uses a short staff to keep his balance. The stream he has crossed can be seen to the viewer’s left, where it becomes part of a larger river that winds up through the mountains in the distance. There is a sense of abandonment to the card. The figure is leaving his joy behind. Continue reading 8 of Cups