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Ace of Cups

Over a calm body of water a great and brilliant right hand emerges from a short pillar of clouds in the right of this card. Held steady in the palm is a round chalice decorated with tiny adornments around the top of the stem. An ethereal dove descends from above, bearing a small disc inscribed with an equal armed cross and seeking to add this disc to the bowl of the chalice. Five streams of water emerge from the bowl of the chalice, two on one side, three on the other, flowing up then turning above the chalice rim to descend straight down to the body of water below. Drops of water surround the flow, but the water-lilies below are undisturbed. Continue reading Ace of Cups

6 of Cups

In a European village setting, two young children stand among flowers. Both are bundled up against the cold, though the younger girl wears mittens while the boy does not. He is offering a chalice nearly half his size to the girl. She looks up at him in warmth. The chalice he holds, the chalice sitting on the low wall behind him, and the four chalices framing the bottom of the card all have flowering plants potted in them. On the corner of the low wall is engraved a shield with a plain “X” crossing the field. A home with windowed attic and a two-story tower stand in the background under the cloudless sky. Along the cobblestone path of the low wall, a man is seen receding in to the distance bearing a spear. Continue reading 6 of Cups

7 of Cups

A man stands in surprise and wonder, completely silhouetted by the apparition appearing before him (and the viewer). A great cloud of smoke or fog has obscured his path. Upon the cloud, in two tiers, are seven large chalices with smaller figures appearing from them. From the top tier of chalices appears the image of a youth’s face, a veiled maiden all aglow, and a snake that stares back at the man. From the bottom tier of chalices appears the image of a tall tower upon a crag, fine jewels and gold chains, a wreath that crowns the chalice (though a skull’s face is seen in that same chalice), and lastly a dragon that perches on the cup’s rim as if to assault the man watching the apparition. Continue reading 7 of Cups

Page of Cups

A youth stands near a body of water under a cloudless sky. Waves are seen rolling behind him. He is in fanciful attire as if the squire or herald of some medieval lord with long-stemmed lotus flowers being the pattern on his clothes. His left hand is on his left hip as he holds a large chalice upright in his right hand. His richly adorned head is cocked towards the chalice, and his stance is one of challenging disbelief, for good reason. There is a fish emerging from the chalice as if it would talk to the youth. Continue reading Page of Cups

9 of Cups

A curved tall display table is set as the background of this card so that the inner curve faces the viewer. Draped in cloth reaching to the floor, there are nine large chalices arranged on it from one side to the other. Before the table stand a plain wooden bench. Sitting on the bench with his legs apart and his arms crossed in a smug manner is a gentleman in rich robes and a fantastic hat. His attitude is that of a feast-goer or an innkeeper, sitting in front of the chalices as if to demonstrate his capability. Continue reading 9 of Cups

Queen of Cups

A crowned and robed woman sits on a throne carved from stone that has been placed on a bed of stones and pebbles. The throne faces towards the viewer’s left and she is seated the same. The throne is accented with merchildren, fish, and scallops. She holds in her right hand a very elaborate capped chalice that resembles the roof and spire of a church and is flanked by two winged and praying angels. Her left hand is steadying the unwieldy chalice as she studies it intently. At her feet are the gentle waves of still waters as the throne is placed on the shore. In the distance, water can be seen behind the throne, and beyond the waters are tall vertical white cliffs topped with green grasses. Continue reading Queen of Cups

4 of Cups

A tall tree with draping branches stands on a mound. At the base of the tree, a young man sits with arms and legs crossed before him, facing the viewer. He looks slightly downhill where three large chalices are lined up at the bottom of the card. At his right a cloud hovers, from which a hand emerges offering the youth a fourth cup. The youth is not amused. In the near distance under the cloudless sky are a clump of trees and the peak of a roof. Mountains are seen from afar. Continue reading 4 of Cups

Knight of Cups

A knight in full armor and a richly decorated surcoat sits mounted on a horse traveling to the viewer’s right. His helmet is crested with a pair of wings, and the visor is raised to expose his face. His surcoat is decorated with fish and waves that represent water. His left hand holds the horse’s reins close to his body though the reins are slack. He holds upright in his right hand with formal bearing, a large chalice. The feet of his armor has small wings attached at the heel. The reins are decorated with a wavy pattern that emulates water. The horse is caught in mid step, looking down to where it would place its hoof next. But the hoof is upraised as if the horse is not sure of the foothold. In the distance are mountains, at the base of which flows a river from background to foreground. There are trees on the far side of the river, but the near ground gives the impression of a sandy or drought stricken plain. Continue reading Knight of Cups

8 of Cups

A stylized waning crescent moon watches from a cloudless night sky. The angle of the crescent indicates the moon is near the zenith of its travel. In the foreground, five great chalices are placed side by side, with three more chalices stacked across them. There is a gap in the second level of chalices, allowing the viewer to see the feet of the solitary figure that has crossed the stream behind the chalices and is making his way up a hill. The figure wears a cloak and uses a short staff to keep his balance. The stream he has crossed can be seen to the viewer’s left, where it becomes part of a larger river that winds up through the mountains in the distance. There is a sense of abandonment to the card. The figure is leaving his joy behind. Continue reading 8 of Cups

King of Cups

A seated king and his throne dominates this card. The throne is squarely facing the viewer but the man has turned himself and his attention slightly to the viewer’s right. He wears a cap of maintenance under his adorned crown. An amulet in the shape of a fish hangs from his neck and lies over an rich cloak that spills over the left side of the throne. In his left hand is a short scepter. In his right hand is a large formal chalice. Water flows around the dais emphasizing the nature of the suit. Behind the throne, on the viewer’s left is a dolphin. (Really, it’s a dolphin.) Behind on the viewer’s right is a ship with full sails. The sky above is cloudless. Continue reading King of Cups