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Ace of Cups

Over a calm body of water a great and brilliant right hand emerges from a short pillar of clouds in the right of this card. Held steady in the palm is a round chalice decorated with tiny adornments around the top of the stem. An ethereal dove descends from above, bearing a small disc inscribed with an equal armed cross and seeking to add this disc to the bowl of the chalice. Five streams of water emerge from the bowl of the chalice, two on one side, three on the other, flowing up then turning above the chalice rim to descend straight down to the body of water below. Drops of water surround the flow, but the water-lilies below are undisturbed. Continue reading Ace of Cups

Ace of Swords

A short pillar of clouds hold against the viewer’s left of this card. From them a brilliant right hand has emerged, bearing a┬ádouble-edged short sword with a hilt upright. An open crown floats around the tip of the sword, and draped over it are two wreathes, one of laurel and the other of olive. Six motes of light hover over the hilt. The sky is otherwise cloudless, and in the far distance at the bottom of the card are mountains and hills. Continue reading Ace of Swords

Ace of Pentacles

A short pillar of clouds float on the left side of this card. From that pillar, a brilliant hand emerges towards the right, filling the interior of the space. It is cupped and holds a pentacle comfortably upright. At the bottom of the card is a garden scene with lilies in bloom on a grassy field. A path is worn through that field to a fence that is completely overgrown with vegetation and blooming flowers. The path is met at an unobstructed arch (also overgrown), through which two peaks of very distant mountains can be seen. Continue reading Ace of Pentacles

Ace of Wands

A short column of clouds in the right side of the scene hide the point where a brilliant right hand extends from them towards the left. Gripped in the hand with a thumb up hold is a tall wood rod with three twigs still growing from it. The twigs bear leaves, and disconnected leaves appear to float around the rod. What appears to be the ruins of a keep is atop a nearby hill, while a river meanders before it passing one tree and then two others. Mountains can be seen in the far distance. Continue reading Ace of Wands