Queen of Wands

A woman sits on a throne facing the viewer. She wears a long robe that drapes loosely over her and covers her feet. A cape rests across her shoulders and upper arms. Her crown rests on her hair as she looks off to her left (the viewer’s right). She holds a large sunflower upright in her left hand, and a tall budding wood rod in her right. Her throne is decorated with heraldic lions and sunflowers. The sides of the throne bear carved lions as well. Behind the throne is a clear sky with mountains and hills low in the background. At the foot of the raised throne sits a housecat that stares at the viewer.

Court cards often signify a person in the Querent’s life. If not a particular person, then the card will describe the role of someone making a significant influence in the matter at hand. I discard the physical descriptions normally associated with court cards, as there are more types of hair, skin color, and body build than there are court cards to try and pigeonhole them. I do not find a queen card always signifies a woman, nor does a king card always signify a man.

The Queen of Wands is in charge of the house, the household, and the holdings thereof. She is warm in character, open and inviting, but once angered you will be forcibly reminded she wears the crown. She makes sure her guests are always cared for, including settling disputes personally, with force if necessary. She is that person that walks in and turns a mere meeting into a productive collaboration. Her smile reminds you that there is always strength available. She inspires and encourages. Just don’t piss her off, or all these traits will be used against you. With one sharp sentence, she will undermine your confidence and leave you broken on the floor. She is not prone to jealousy as she understands resources must be shared to be productive. But should she become jealous, she will scorch heaven and earth to get her due.

If the Queen of Wands appears as someone the Querent should work with, the Querent should be prepared to do their share of the work. The Queen of Wands delegates only as necessary for the good of the project. If this means the Querent taking on more work to complete the goal, so be it. If the task is more than the Querent can handle, the Queen of Wands will remove some of the responsibility from the Querent and hand it off to an associate that can bear it.