Queen of Pentacles

A crowned woman sits on an elaborately carved throne. The throne is facing towards the viewer’s left, and she is seated askew in the seat so that she faces even further to the viewer’s left. Her garments are of rich fabric but not adorned or patterned. She looks down to her lap, where she holds a great pentacle facing the viewer. Trees and branches frame the upper half of the card, with roses blooming along the leafy boughs. More foliage surrounds the throne and can be seen far into the background. A rabbit runs into the field of view at the bottom right of the card.

Outwardly, the Queen of Pentacles appears to be lost in thought and consumed by what she is inspecting. Do not allow her attentiveness to details fool you. She is very much aware of her surroundings and how the world external to her has shaped what she is holding. She is a commander of her realm, directing the movements of those in her care so that a desired outcome is achieved. She is the person that could bring a river to the desert, and transform a barren land into dense productivity.

Her attention to detail brings success and increase to what project she is working for. As such, the card signifies the Querent will receive more than what was requested, certainly more than what was necessary. She gives the appearance of indifferent opulence, but make no mistake, she is very much engaged in the matter at hand.

Ill-dignified, the Old-Money Matron becomes a spiteful adversary. The purse snaps shut with speed, and the atmosphere around her stinks of distrust, envy, and conspiracy. She will hold back anything that may be of worth to others, or demand a price greater than what it is worth. At her worst, she will foul the wells to make sure no one else can drink from them. The Querent would be advised to leave such a character alone rather than risk making a bad situation worse by beseeching her.