Queen of Cups

A crowned and robed woman sits on a throne carved from stone that has been placed on a bed of stones and pebbles. The throne faces towards the viewer’s left and she is seated the same. The throne is accented with merchildren, fish, and scallops. She holds in her right hand a very elaborate capped chalice that resembles the roof and spire of a church and is flanked by two winged and praying angels. Her left hand is steadying the unwieldy chalice as she studies it intently. At her feet are the gentle waves of still waters as the throne is placed on the shore. In the distance, water can be seen behind the throne, and beyond the waters are tall vertical white cliffs topped with green grasses.

She is not as dedicated to the mysteries as the High Priestess, but the Queen of Cups still sees further into the mists than most. However, because she is not restrained by the very veil the separates the High Priestess from the lay populace, the Queen of Cups can act directly on what she sees, and use that information to directly influence others without the morals of the High Priestess. She works for her agenda, which may or may not be aligned with that of the Querent’s. Dignity reveals the connection.

The Queen of Cups often functions as an emotional mirror to the Querent. If she is well-dignified, she will show the Querent honestly and without malice, in a way that encourages and builds up the Querent. If she is ill-dignified, she will distort that mirror and use the information to abuse and denigrate the Querent. As a neutral card, the information is merely given, with no context or advice to accompany it.

Generally, she is an honest person. (Do keep in mind that all pronouns are used in a genderless context.) She prefers the company of honest people, and sees the potential good in everyone she meets. Just keep in mind that it is only her goodwill that keeps her from being a master blackmailer and manipulator.

4 thoughts on “Queen of Cups”

  1. hey, this is that dweeb from tumblr who talks at you sometimes, currently sterile-vision, i think i was shitasscharlie when i first contacted you.

    i’ve been waiting patiently for this card to pop up here. this is my “mom card” and my mom and i have a teerrrrrrible relationship. this card was coming up in 9 out of 10 readings (not even kidding) i did for myself for quite a while, and the queen of hearts if i was using playing cards. i was ready to take them out of my decks for a while. i’m not getting it as much at this point, but it still comes up frequently and it’s been driving me nuts that i seem to allow her to dig her hate-claws that far into my subconscious that she even dominates my personal tarot readings and is on my mind so much.

    your take on this card is pretty close to my own, before i developed the mom-connection. it’s kinda creepy how similar to my mom before she really went off the deep end your description is. she is now, like… concentrated negativity in my life because she’s lost everything that grounded her and balanced her malicious side out.

    “If she is ill-dignified, she will distort that mirror and use the information to abuse and denigrate the Querent.”


    1. A friend used to say I was the Queen of Cups for him, much to his delight and dismay. I would reflect his sass right back at him, and cut through his layers of ego to tell him when he was getting on my last good nerve.

      An idea to keep your mother from dominating your readings: Before you throw that unrelated cast, ask your deck to show you something you should know regarding her. Maybe how to further protect yourself, for example. Then once the deck has addressed her directly, shuffle and throw your cast for your original question.

      This way you can address what is still colored by her, and still be able to get your original question answered by a neutral deck.

      1. what i did about a month ago, was to do a whole reading, JUST ABOUT HER. get to get her energy out of mine, at least surrounding reading. so far it’s been good, she doesn’t turn up unless she really has to. so yeah, i can attest to that concept working.

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