Public Reading: 2014-09-03.01

Query submitted via the Free Tarot Readings page.

Fox” inquires: “Can you tell me anything about the person I’m supposed to ultimately end up with (romantically)? Specifically, what they’re like personality-wise or that kind of thing.)

The Dollar Tree Tarot Majors: ~none~

The Dollar Tree Tarot (Back)
The Dollar Tree Tarot (Back)

Can I? No. Why not? Too many variables, including (read: especially) you. The attributes of your perfectly ideal romantic partner right now, is most likely not to be so this time next year, and will likely to have completely changed in a decade. And that’s assuming you and your ideal partner are monogamous, which is another fluctuating attribute that can change should either one of you decide it to be so. This is not an easy thing to see in three cards, if at all.

There is also a question of time. The further away from the present the reading tries to see, the less precise is the information gained. For a three card reading, trying to see further than 3 months is untenable. And while I have done whole year (and longer) readings before, they have been more about generalizations and overall trends than anything (or anyone) specific.

So, no, I can’t read for this. I can only give you Old Woman Advice. Don’t let someone else tell you what your perfect partner(s) is like, should be, or must accept. You know what you like. Go get it. If your likes change over the years, adjust your targeting accordingly, but do it on your terms. Not what some random card reader on the Internet says you should have.


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