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Query submitted via the Free Tarot Readings page.

Worried” inquires: “Was I in the right with Lectus, was I justified?

Bosch Tarot: Queen of Wands, The Moon, & The Sun.

Bosch Tarot: Queen of Wands, The Moon, & The Sun.
Bosch Tarot: Queen of Wands, The Moon, & The Sun.

You want an easy answer. “Yes” or “No”. It’s not going to be that easy. Instead the Bosch Tarot said you have to sit down and go over what led up to that particular decision yourself. Queen of Wands: “To learn without understanding brings no benefit.” However, instead of just throwing a “I’m not telling” on the table and then flouncing away, the Bosch Tarot has given you two categories to sort your memories and emotions into. The Bosch’s Moon speaks of self-deception and allowing one’s fantasies to lead us astray. While the Bosch’s Sun is harsh about what reality we yield to others and how that reveals our path. You have to face what happened with Lectus in the moments leading up to that decision, and how you followed through that decision afterward. When you do, acknowledge what was prompted by fear, what was prompted by facts, and what was prompted by both. Study the aftermath of your decision, the price ultimately paid, and if you achieved what you had sought with that decision.

And remember, your personal safety is always your first priority.


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