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Query submitted via Free Tarot Readings.

Anonymous” inquires: “What does my future path hold? Thank you

The Enchanted Lenormand Oracle: Rider-1, Clouds-6, & Book-26.
The Enchanted Lenormand Oracle: Rider-1, Clouds-6, & Book-26.

Either you’re going to deal with a fogbank on your way to work tomorrow morning and you should be extra careful while navigating through it, or you’re going through some things right now that aren’t quite finished changing you just yet. It is a frustrating non-answer, the type usually given as the reader laughs nervously because the cards have indicated the information she is after is sealed off from her. As if Rider + Cloud didn’t say this loud enough, getting the Book as the final card adds the punctuation on that sentence.

And you really should avoid driving through dense fogbanks if you can help it. The safest way to deal with those is avoidance.

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