Knight of Cups

A knight in full armor and a richly decorated surcoat sits mounted on a horse traveling to the viewer’s right. His helmet is crested with a pair of wings, and the visor is raised to expose his face. His surcoat is decorated with fish and waves that represent water. His left hand holds the horse’s reins close to his body though the reins are slack. He holds upright in his right hand with formal bearing, a large chalice. The feet of his armor has small wings attached at the heel. The reins are decorated with a wavy pattern that emulates water. The horse is caught in mid step, looking down to where it would place its hoof next. But the hoof is upraised as if the horse is not sure of the foothold. In the distance are mountains, at the base of which flows a river from background to foreground. There are trees on the far side of the river, but the near ground gives the impression of a sandy or drought stricken plain. Continue reading Knight of Cups

What Does The Deck Say? June 13 2014

Each suit in the Bag of Bones playing card deck tells a visual story progressing from Ace to Ten. A heartwarming lamia, a persistent gardener, a spider’s catch, and a clumsy walker make for quick stories. The face cards stand alone, but have stories for their own.

For those wishing something nicer, Artiphany also has decks of dogs, kittens, and mermaids.

Today’s cards: 3 of Diamonds, Jack of Spades, & Queen of Clubs Continue reading What Does The Deck Say? June 13 2014

8 of Cups

A stylized waning crescent moon watches from a cloudless night sky. The angle of the crescent indicates the moon is near the zenith of its travel. In the foreground, five great chalices are placed side by side, with three more chalices stacked across them. There is a gap in the second level of chalices, allowing the viewer to see the feet of the solitary figure that has crossed the stream behind the chalices and is making his way up a hill. The figure wears a cloak and uses a short staff to keep his balance. The stream he has crossed can be seen to the viewer’s left, where it becomes part of a larger river that winds up through the mountains in the distance. There is a sense of abandonment to the card. The figure is leaving his joy behind. Continue reading 8 of Cups

What Does The Deck Say? June 12 2014

The Sweeney Tarot was designed to read with reversals. Having the expected 78 cards, one could use any system of meanings with it. However Lee Bradford has put deep thought into the the meanings of the Sweeney Tarot, making sure it is approachable by all and without occult or religious concerns that would restrict its audience or use.

Today’s cards: 5 of Swordsrv, 6 of Wands, & 7 of Wands. Continue reading What Does The Deck Say? June 12 2014


The top half of this card is overwhelmed by a winged angelic figure emerging from and through knots of clouds. The figure’s hair appears to be flame. The figure is seen from the chest up, and kir great wings are seen only to the wrist joint. The figure is looking down at the ground and holds a long straight horn to kir lips. The bell of the horn is pointed down, and a square flag is mounted upon it. The flag bears a white field with a cross touching all four sides. Lines indicate the horn is being sounded. Over the ground are what appears to be coffins. The tops have been removed from them, and their inhabitants are standing and looking up at the angelic figure with their arms outstreched in wonder. In the foreground, from left to right, stands a man, a child, and a woman. All naked, but having no concern for being so. In the enad background are more open coffins and their inhabitants also standing. In the far distance are scattered trees, and beyond them a tall impenetrable mountain range. Continue reading Judgement

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