Page of Wands

A youth stands with confidence facing the right of the card. Holding the tall budding staff with both hands, he appears to be proclaiming an announcement. His traveling robe is tossed over his shoulder, revealing his tunic which is richly decorated with coiling salamanders. His short brimmed hat is adorned with a feather that appears to be a flame. In the distance, hills or pyramids are seen lording over a desert.

The Page of Wands is primarily a messenger. What words she bears are often heavy and strange to the ear. For those used to a routine, she is disruptive just by presenting herself. For others, her words are an invitation to something new. She speaks not for her own gain, but according to whoever sent her, so to assault her for her words is to assault the power behind her. Killing the messenger is not advised.

This page is loyal to those he has sworn his heart to. This is the person you want to speak on your behalf at a trial. Full of the exuberance of the suit of Wands, he can be the symbol of one’s brethren as well as the symbol of one’s love. Dignifying cards and the boundaries of the query will make the distinction clear.

Ill-dignified, the page’s message is garbled or intentionally told to give a bad impression. If the message is clear, then it will be the very thing the Querent did not want to hear. Anecdotes becomes confused with data, and hearsay is confused for fact. If the news has already been delivered, then the ill-dignified Page of Wands represents the confusion and compounding disarray that comes with incomplete information.