Page of Pentacles

A young man dominates the view of this card. He stands in a thoughtful pose, facing to the viewer’s right, holding his right leg as if the thought struck him as he was walking and now he has stopped. His hat appears like a turban, with a long length of cloth descending from it, crossing his chest, and falling over his right shoulder. Otherwise, his clothes are nondescript. He holds a large pentacle to his face as if to see desired answers upon its surface. In the near distance of the low background are a stand of trees on a hill, and a plowed field ready for planting at the base of it. In the far distance is a river, and a mountain beyond that. The sky is cloudless.

Pages are messengers, harbingers of import related to their suit. The Page of Pentacles brings news related to the physical world and those processes spawned by or effecting upon it. So news about the weather, natural disasters, and how they effect businesses and financial plans are carried by this page. (Matters related to corporate intrigue are often carried by the Page of Swords instead.) Middle Managers, when they are not getting in the way with petty games of dominance, can be designated with this card because they bring the messages and directives from the upper echelons down to the peasants rank and file of the company. While I first questioned why the Page of Pentacles would have anything to do concerning study, scholarship, and dedication, it wasn’t until I noticed how very physical the process of learning a new thing is that I understood. Not to mention how abused well used graduate students are in the dirty matters of their fields of study.

Pamela Coleman Smith’s portrayal of the Page of Pentacles is of a person lost in the study of the moment, to the detriment of what task they had been dispatched to do. I have found that Pages of Pentacles do indeed have a “one track mind”, and it is imperative that before sending such a character upon a mission, that they have the task firmly entrenched at the top of the list of priorities.

Ill-dignified, the Page of Pentacles often just forgets what the priority task is and goes off to follow another rabbit hole. They mean well, but easily lose themselves in a world where there is always something new at every turn. Otherwise, the Page of Pentacles becomes a Professional Student, that person that has been in college for eight years but has yet to complete two years’ worth of courses. Study another day for a test they’ll probably blow off because it is too much fun to partake in gaming event than prepare for tomorrow. Not exactly acting maliciously, they rise to their level of incompetence and gum up the corporate works just enough to make everyone else’s job that much harder, but not enough to justify being let go.