Page of Cups

A youth stands near a body of water under a cloudless sky. Waves are seen rolling behind him. He is in fanciful attire as if the squire or herald of some medieval lord with long-stemmed lotus flowers being the pattern on his clothes. His left hand is on his left hip as he holds a large chalice upright in his right hand. His richly adorned head is cocked towards the chalice, and his stance is one of challenging disbelief, for good reason. There is a fish emerging from the chalice as if it would talk to the youth.

The fish is held to represent the youth’s thoughts taking a tangible form in the cup. As his thoughts materialize, he can focus his attention upon them better and better inspect the possibilities they represent. This dedication to study is the hallmark of this card. Not necessarily a young person, nor a formal student, the Page of Cups is that person that investigates diligently. Usually the focus is within, but when that attention is turned to external matters, nothing is left unturned. The Page of Cups is also a messenger, usually of business matters. Rarely of those personal matters that can affect the Querent’s employment. One of the most honest characters in a tarot deck, the good-dignified page bears the messages without malice, and does not seek to use the information against sender or receiver.

Ill-dignified, the Page of Cups is a manipulator and a deceiver. That study of the human mind is used to stalk, herd, and overwhelm her prey. She will seek to make a game of how long she can continue to keep her target ignorant of the schemes around them. Sometimes too clever for her own good, she will mistake something or someone external to herself as vital for her wellbeing and become overly attached. Removing an ill-dignified Page of Cups from one’s personal circle will involve much drama, many tears, and the ripping of hooks from metaphorical flesh.