La Baraja Española: Las Personas de los Bastos y los Oros

The Tens, Elevens, and Twelves of the Baraja Española are Las Personas (The People). Archetypes and symbols of particular mindsets that are involved in the Querent’s activities, the Querent is emulating, or needs to emulate to achieve the desired goal. The figures as portrayed on the cards are usually male, however the people they represent can be of any gender. As archetypes, they are often the extreme of what they represent. (Except for That One Guy. You know the one.)

Las Personas de los Bastos (Clubs)

  • 10: “The Passionate” Intense about and upon the focus of his attention. Everything is examined.
  • 11: “The Mystic” Charismatic, deeply spiritual, (cult) leader. But also fickle and easily bored.
  • 12: “The Veteran” Been there. Done that. Survived it. Capable of doing it again.

Las Personas de los Oros (Gold)

  • 10: “The Socialite” Publicly popular and loved, privately ruthless and manipulative.
  • 11: “The Methodical” Mature and responsible. Takes care of the details and often plans ahead.
  • 12: “The Broker” Analytical to a fault. Has several concurrent ventures. Everything, and everyone, has a price.

Like the Escenas, the meanings for each card are intentionally short and open to wide interpretation. A person portrayed as the Mystic (11 Bastos) could be a quiet emotional leader that guides the team to greatness without being egotistical about it, but could also be a vainglorious and brutal leader that everyone loves despite him throwing chairs when he gets angry and switching who his favorite is depending on which way the coffee mug handle is pointing. Both people are charismatic leaders that have the loyalty of those under them, but how they behave differs. The cards surrounding 11 Bastos in a reading would give you the nuances to further refine how the Mystic is appearing in the reading.