La Baraja Española: Las Personas de las Espadas y las Copas

The Tens, Elevens, and Twelves of the Baraja Española are Las Personas (The People). Archetypes and symbols of particular mindsets that are involved in the Querent’s activities, the Querent is emulating, or needs to emulate to achieve the desired goal. The figures as portrayed on the cards are usually male, however the people they represent can be of any gender. As archetypes, they are often the extreme of what they represent. (Except for That One Guy. You know the one.)

Las Personas de las Espadas (Swords)

  • 10: “The Independent” Self-determined. Entrepreneur.
  • 11: “The Rager” Quick to anger, flips between sugar-nice and acid-rage.
  • 12: “The Despot” Authority, military bearing, tyrannical.

Las Personas de las Copas (Cups)

  • 10: ”The Romantic” Sappy, naive, starry-eyed optimistic.
  • 11: “The Courtesan” Mixes business with pleasure.
  • 12: “The Idealist” Sometimes the Innocent, sometimes the Fool.

What cards the Idealist is adjusted by reveals if he is book-smart but street-dumb or if he is simply that unknowing of the world around him. Often his words can be introduced with the phrase, “In a perfect world”.

The Courtesan could be a sex-worker just as the title states, or could be someone who has taken something very personal and made a successful business from it. The Courtesan is not to be underestimated, however. He will always protect his interests first.