La Baraja Española: Las Escenas de los Oros

Where the overall theme of the Bastos (Clubs) suit of la Baraja Española is that of physical matters, the Oros (Gold [Coins]) touches on those matters that make the physical world worthwhile. It takes more than money to bring happiness, but money does gives a helping hand.

Las Escenas de los Oros (Gold)

  • 1: Triumphs, success, victory.
  • 2: Rivalry, debts, competition.
  • 3: Income, fecundity, success.
  • 4: Material wealth, prosperity.
  • 5: Public matters in general.
  • 6: Difficulties & trials, fears.
  • 7: Harvest, receiving one’s due.

(If this list looks familiar, it is because I errantly listed the Oros meanings under the Bastos label in a previous post. That post has been corrected with the proper meanings.)

Some cards are unashamedly positive, such as 3 Oros. Some cards are harbingers of trouble, such as 6 Bastos. For binary questions that require a Yes/No answer, those cards answer simply. But most of the Baraja Española will add a hanging “however” to the reading that will be resolved with the pulling and interpretation of more cards. Life is rarely This or That. There are infinite shades of gray between black and white.