La Baraja Española: Las Escenas de las Espadas

Those matters requiring a sharp and agile mind fall into the suit of Espadas (Swords). The mostly neutral cards take their hue from the query, showing once again that often one’s worst enemy is oneself.

Las Escenas de las Espadas (Swords)

  • 1: Legal matters. Details.
  • 2: Revelations, uncovering secrets.
  • 3: External interference or power struggles.
  • 4: Hidden problems, fraud.
  • 5: Fate, Destiny, and the challenging thereof.
  • 6: Overthinking and circular reasoning.
  • 7: Conflict. Antagonizing.

5 Espadas is my favorite card. It contradicts itself, and often means the opposite of what the Querent hoped for. If a relationship question is answered with 5 Espadas, it often means that it is fated to failure unless the Querent works to improve the relationship. That “Sure Thing” promotion that it would take an act of God to sabotage? It’s about to get sabotaged. That spiritual path that seemed to have been made for you to walk? Will destroy you unless you challenge it, even to the point of leaving it.

“It is your destiny!” Are you so sure about that?