La Baraja Española: Las Escenas de las Copas

Copas (Cups) are filled with emotions and illogical meanderings. They are also the most mutable of the escenas. The same card that means joy can also mean jealousy depending on the circumstance and the query.

Las Escenas de las Copas (Cups)

  • 1: House & Home. Nostalgia.
  • 2: Emotional union. Children.
  • 3: News & messages, often unexpected.
  • 4: Instincts, emotional reasoning.
  • 5: Joy & celebrations. (Also: Jealousy & spite.)
  • 6: Overwhelming emotions.
  • 7: The satisfaction from work well done.

7 Copas can also mean the payment for work done, in which case it steps on the toes of 7 Oros, which is receiving one’s due. The difference is a subtle one. The paycheck indicated by 7 Oros is “the right pay for the work done”, so if the Querent deserves only a little, then that is what the Querent gets. If the Querent deserves being booted out the door, then 7 Oros represents that as well!

7 Copas refers to the emotional satisfaction of a job well done. If the Querent could only do a small portion, but was able to do that portion to satisfaction, then the emotional reward is great! (And hopefully, the Querent’s employer recognizes that.)

7 Oros is the paycheck for assembling bicycles. 7 Copas is the grin on the assemblers face when she sees a kid riding a bike for the first time, and it is a bike she put together.