Knight of Wands

An armored knight covered by the tattered colors of his realm sits astride a rearing horse. The horse and rider are fixated on an item out of the card’s field of view towards the viewer’s left. He holds the horse’s reins in his left hand, and an upright wood rod in his right hand. The rod is budding with small leaved twigs. The visor is up, showing his face. The crest of his helm, the edges of his colors, and the horse’s mane imply they are descending from the height of the horse’s rearing. The colors are decorated with coiled salamanders. The reins bear fleurs-di-lis. A cloudless sky is mostly hidden by the figures, while in the low background is seen a featureless desert with 3 pyramids rising from it.

While court cards are held to represent people in the Querent’s life, I do not subscribe to the notion that they represent people with a particular physical description or particular gender. An elderly person with a youthful outlook is just as young as any teenager still nursing their first chin hair. Court cards for me represent the attitude of those represented, including the Querent. The Knight of Wands then, represents a person eager to prove themselves and quick to action, but without the maturity of experience or the prudence taught by errors. This is the person that you have to carefully word your directives with, as the moment you say, “I need this thing taken to that place…”, the Knight of Wands has snatched the thing and is already out the door before she can hear the rest of your sentence: “… after it is completed and approved.”. Whoops.

The Knights are indicators of travel and motion. The Knight of Wands specifically is about traveling to a new residence, new way of life, or new circumstances. The card indicates a departure from the way things have always been into a new routine, a movement that has permanent and long-reaching consequences. Often this movement is desired, and the nature of the inquiry is to see what is blocking or slowing the departure. When the movement is not desired by the Querent, it indicates having to flee under threatening circumstances, a flight where the Querent must move or be destroyed where they are.

Ill-dignified, the Knight of Wands can be petulant and destructive, taking those things that were not meant to go a-wandering and scattering them in all the wrong places. In the worst circumstances, she can refuse to move when movement is required, exposing the Querent to increasing danger. Here is the person that inserts themselves into a discussion that doesn’t concern him, and derailing the topic entirely to no one’s satisfaction. Causing trouble for no other reason than it is possible.