Knight of Swords

A knight in full armor urges his steed forward as they both proceed from right to left across the card. His raised visor reveals a determined countenance and his right arm holds a sword high. The crest of his helm is blown back from the speed, as is the cloak and tabard over his armor. His horse moves with determination under him, with both front legs stretched out in preparation for the landing of the jump captured by the card’s image. The bridle is decorated with birds in flight, and the colors show butterflies. Two tall trees are leaning as if blown by a stiff wind, and the clouds overhead are streaked with unsettled weather. Far above the knight are birds in tumultuous flight.

The card’s image shows well the swiftness of thought and how undirected that thought can be. We don’t see where the knight is headed to or what he is charging. We see him in mid-gallop, full of determination to accomplish a thing, and ignorant of what led to the charge. Let’s hope the cannons are pointed in the right direction, this time.

The Knight of Swords is dedicated to the cause. Give her a task and she will accomplish it to the fullness of her capabilities. Once she is set in motion, she will not be easily turned aside. She is not naive in her function, and will use what wiles are necessary to see her task completed. That determination sets the tone for how to interpret this card. She represents determination, focus, skill, capability, reasoning, ingenuity, swiftness, and the stubbornness required to withstand any that may oppose her in this task. In regards to travel, the Knight of Swords moves by the swiftest means available. If an email completes the task faster than driving across the city, she will be concise with his wording and professional in tone. (Usually.)

Ill-dignified, that cunning mind trips himself up. Instead of merely completing the task, he will seek to do so in as extravagant a manner as possible, usually fouling up the works in the process. Why be neat, when a flourish can be added! Surely the boss won’t mind. (Yes, she will.) A soured Knight of Swords will make the task as complicated as possible for himself, and as difficult as possible for others. Unwilling to share the accolades, he will sabotage the team to make himself the project’s savior. (This often backfires, but not before destroying relationships.) At the very worst, the ill-dignified Knight of Swords is lazy, incompetent, and shirks duty whenever possible.