Knight of Cups

A knight in full armor and a richly decorated surcoat sits mounted on a horse traveling to the viewer’s right. His helmet is crested with a pair of wings, and the visor is raised to expose his face. His surcoat is decorated with fish and waves that represent water. His left hand holds the horse’s reins close to his body though the reins are slack. He holds upright in his right hand with formal bearing, a large chalice. The feet of his armor has small wings attached at the heel. The reins are decorated with a wavy pattern that emulates water. The horse is caught in mid step, looking down to where it would place its hoof next. But the hoof is upraised as if the horse is not sure of the foothold. In the distance are mountains, at the base of which flows a river from background to foreground. There are trees on the far side of the river, but the near ground gives the impression of a sandy or drought stricken plain.

The Knight of Cups, as the suit suggests, is a deeply emotional person. However the nature of his position requires a firm control over those emotions, and the ability to set them aside so the necessary work can be done. As such, the Knight of Cups has seen many, many things in the course of his duty. In solitary moments, when he has time to reflect on them, the contradiction between his ideals and his works seize him and causes him pain. Being a proper knight, he will not speak of it. He will present a bright face to others and find a private means of expressing himself.

The Knight of Cups is more harbinger than actual messenger. When she appears, there will be something of great import following her shortly. She can be the advanced warning to an upset, or the subtle sign of rescuing forces. Her message will be sharp and quick. She is not here for long conversations. If she bears an invitation, it is to a very formal and/or very important affair. Choose how you answer this invitation carefully, as your reply will be carried to the sender directly.

Ill-dignified, the Knight of Cups is a corrupt messenger, sometimes holding the message until a “fee” is extorted from the recipient, sometimes intentionally compromising the message and allowing it to fall into “enemy” hands, but usually delivering the message in a manner so technically the right words were said but twisted so that the recipient completely misunderstands it. The ill-dignified Knight of Cups tells no lie, but doesn’t exactly tell the entire truth, either.

If the Querent is the Knight of Cups, special care must be given to kir self-care. It is too easy to forget there is a person in that armor, and that the deeds done in the name of service can cause terrible shocks on the soul. It is good to be connected to one’s emotions. But the Knight of Cups can be overwhelmed by them. An outlet is necessary, even if no one else sees it.