Good Morning. How May I Help You?

What do you want to see at Noxporium? As I bring more of my offline shenanigans business to the Internet, what would you like to see offered? Noxporium was first conceived as an “outlet store” for those physical items that did not sell in an area that is summer for ten months out of the year. But now it has evolved to a cartomancy focus. A change that suits me quite well.

As I start making Noxporium my main focus, I would like to know what you want to see? More articles on A Cartomancer’s Life? What spheres would you like to see a tighter focus on?

While I joke with seriousness that my religion is a “Mystery Cult of One”, I am able to put that to the side for my readings when the Querent is making inquiries about their personal gods and pantheons and communications with them. What kind of questions would you like to see spreads developed for?

I do not have a “Card of the Day” as I am currently going through “78 Tarot Cards” and posting a daily summary interpretation of one card. “What Does The Deck Say” is a contextless pull meant more for the fun of random interpretations than anything serious. Would a formal “Card of the Day” be of interest to you, dear readers?

In short, how may I be of service to you?

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