Free Tarot Reading: Unseen Place

Unseen Place asks: “What’s going on in the place that can’t be seen? Things have gone dormant but not really. It’s more like I have tried to forget but the other place bleeds into my dreams and won’t let me forget. So I’m left with learning again or be played with.”

U.S. Games Universal Waite answers: 10 of Cups.

That party never ended, even though you left the room. Quips aside, you’ve been telling yourself that you’re not part of that thing anymore, and that your life has substantially changed to the point where you just can’t engage in those things again. Your selective filter is now failing, and those parts of you that are still engaging in those places are reasserting themselves now. You’re going to have to face those parts of you that you have been denying if you want to have the upper hand when the party catches up with you.