Free Tarot Reading: Spiritually Somethinn

Spiritually Somethinn asks: “Hi.~ It’s weird. All of the sudden I can’t stop thinking about certain spirit. All of the sudden I’m bumping into all the old things I use to do as worship to them. All of the sudden I understand things won’t be like they use to. The old ways won’t work. I will have to try new things and the one thing I have been afraid of. My question: why is this happening now? Trust issues aside, it has been three years since I last heard from them.

The Stairs of Gold answers: Temperance [XIV].

Why is this happening now? Because you have changed. You are not the person you were three years ago, and you are on the precipice of changing into someone else in the future. Your perspectives have changed. Your reasoning has changed. Your tolerances have changed. And your understanding has changed. You said it yourself, “The old ways won’t work.” That also means the old reasons won’t hold. Though that spirit wants to meet the you that you have become, don’t think you have to meet it on the terms from the past. You are a different you, now. Among the things about that has changed are your boundaries. Don’t be afraid to enforce what they have become.