Free Tarot Reading: Linda Valentine

Linda Valentine asks: “Will my daughter get a divorce soon from her nacarisst husband

The Red Magician Tarot answers: Prince of Wands.

If she wants to divorce him, she is going to have to step up and be the bigger asshole. She can’t coddle him. She can’t negotiate with him. She can’t give him the benefit of the doubt. She has to make her decision to let go of everything standing between her and her release, and then put her decision into immediate action. If she delays, the divorce is delayed longer.

Your part in this, Mom, is to support her and her decision. You may be the one supplying her with the axe, it is still her choice to swing. If she is concerned about where she is going to go after walking away, help her find her footing. But don’t replace one tyrant with another. You need to be the inspiration and support to help her leave him, not be the reason she feels safer with him than without.