Free Tarot Reading: Brenda

Brenda asks: “I’m feeling the desire (need?) lately for major change, specifically buying a house within the next 2 years. Should I act on this desire? Is it the right time for this kind of change?

Rather than pulling a card for either of the two questions posited, I am instead going to pull a card for “What does Brenda need to know right now about her desire for a house?” The interpretation of the answer and the reasons why I’m doing so are after the jump.

The Sweeney Tarot says: 3 of Coins “Craftsmanship”.

The card is not saying to abandon the idea or to go full ahead without pause. The card is saying to sit down and completely research why and how you have this desire. Once you have those two questions settled, you will have the answers you originally sought. Regardless if you make the decision to go through with purchasing the home, or if to make do with where you are now for the immediate future, make sure your reasons are sound and then follow through with your ultimate decision.

Pontifications follows:

Questions that start with “Should” require the setting of boundaries and/or perspective to prevent them from being loaded questions. From the perspective of the bank, you should because the loan will be profitable. But from the perspective of your budget, you should not because there are other goals you may wish to fund in the immediate future and setting aside money for the down payment will be a bummer. Before you ask if you should act on the desire, find the boundaries of that desire. Where is it coming from? Is there a present dissatisfaction that is expressing itself by the growing need for a property in your name? What problem do you have that would be resolved by buying a house? What problem are you ignoring by focusing on wanting to buy a house?

Timing is also a query that requires qualifiers. Buying a house requires stability on several levels. Before asking if this is the right time to begin the process of purchasing the house, ask yourself if your circumstances have a good chance of remaining stable for the next year, two years, five years, and further. What are you willing to commit to and what are you willing to forego? Perspective also changes the scope and tone of the question and answer. Who are you buying the house for? Yourself, your descendents, or some other person(s) entirely?

Deep questions with long-reaching consequences often require more than a one card answer. This reading is but one data point in a constellation of queries that have yet to be mapped out.